Restaurant Accounting Software

Restaurant Accounting Software

Maximize Profits & Accelerate Growth

Achieve up to a 14% increase in profit through our purpose-built restaurant accounting software! Our system is powered by accounting professionals with restaurant backgrounds who help operators create scale and increase profits!

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Make Faster, More Informed Decisions that Directly Increase Profits

Report dashboard comprised of 4Rs report, Budget vs. Actual, AP Spend, and Cost of Sales widgets.


Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data

A restaurant operator is as good as their data and reporting; this is why we believe in weekly financial reporting! We provide our operators with a weekly financial package, giving them the data they need to make faster, more informed decisions that directly increase profits.


Save Time & Money

Understanding your cash position is critical to running a successful business. With our automated Cash Management tool, restaurant operators access a weekly cash reconciliation report to highlight where their money is coming from and where it’s going – account for every penny in and out!

First year client increase in NET Profit
Clients opening new restaurants
Expanded client rooftops
First year restaurant client success rate


Make Data-Based Operational Decisions

Transform your decision-making into a profit-driving machine! Through RASI’s flexible widgets and easy-access data, gain clear and actionable insights into your operational performance, right at your fingertips.


Capitalize on Direct POS Integrations

Seamlessly transfer your restaurant’s POS Data directly into the Back Office accounting and payroll system! Operators can leverage streamlined financial and operational metrics, and drive profitability through timely and accurate reporting.

Scope of Service

Expert management of financial restaurant accounting paired with the service of ongoing education & guidance.

Profit Center™ Restaurant Specific Accounting Software

End-to-End ERP managed restaurant accounting service and virtual back office for Independent, Multi-unit, and QSR/Franchise operations.

Back Office Industry Expert Team

Industry Accountants and expert Client Advisors specializing in the education of how to interpret, analyze, and directly impact financial and operational results of your restaurant.

Financial Accounting

Back Office expertly handles all of your restaurant financial accounting and books.

Oversight Accounting

Enable your team ownership and accountability for your books while Back Office reviews for accuracy.

Period End Reviews

Review metrics and identify areas of opportunity with audits, benchmarks, and financial meetings.

Operational Reviews

Analyzing current results against industry comparisons and setting goals, tactics and measurements for the future.

Daily/Weekly Cash Accountability

Regularly receive daily/weekly expense and deposit reconciliations ensuring compliancy.

Plans & Pricing

Restaurant accounting software package options to best suit your specific business needs.

Popular Plan


Minimum 5+ Rooftops

$349 mo/rooftop

Recommended for restaurants with 5 or more rooftops to provide a unified technology platform for both store-level and corporate management visibility while maintaining professional accounting & compliance oversight and education


$649 mo/rooftop

Recommended for franchisees and emerging brands who want to focus on turn-key accounting with balance sheet reviews, break evens, cash management, and compliance


$949 mo/rooftop

Recommended for operators who want to focus on all aspects of managing their operations while allowing the RASI team to provide the turn-key accounting with balance sheet and operational reviews, theoretical costing and recipe management, and financial goal setting against industry benchmarks

Benefits of Back Office Accounting

Accelerate growth with Back Office Accounting Services & Team of Industry Experts.

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Our local rep will set you up with a custom demo catered to your restaurant’s needs.