Increase Your Bottom Line with Effective Restaurant Accounting

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It’s 5:00 am and your alarm shrieks – time to start your new gym routine. You’ve fallen off the workout wagon again. We’ve all been there. The first few weeks of getting back into your routine you wind up making it to the treadmill maybe a handful of times. Excuses fly out of your mouth and the struggle begins. You know you need the cardio; it’s good for your health. Weeks pass, the discipline sets in and waking up early is no longer the bane of your existence; it actually starts to feel…. good? Good’s a start, so you keep putting in the work but it’s not always easy. There are always going to be those moments of doubt; however, your applied discipline continues to keep you in check. There’s a moment where you become acutely aware that good has turned to great, and things are looking up! You try on that pair of jeans you haven’t worn in I won’t say how long, and suddenly they fit again! Your energy levels are up and before you know it your workouts become part of your everyday ritual – you can’t be stopped.

At this point you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What in the h-e-double hockey sticks does this have to do with my restaurant?” Bear with me, I have a point, I promise. Our topic this month has been on vision and execution; today we’re going to talk about the tools that will get you there. There’s no better time to put yourself and your team to the test than summer, when Murphy’s Law finally seems to have taken a hike – I’m not saying things don’t go wrong in restaurants during the summer, that’s not reality. Summer, however, is a time when things, for the most part are running full steam ahead, and you’re raking in more cash than you’ve seen in the past 3 months combined. This is the time when you have some wiggle room to find opportunities to improve. Divorce yourself from the face of the business, just for a bit, and see how it recovers. However, you need the assistance and proper restaurant accounting tools to be able to do that. Tools that will permit you to take a vacation and check your P/L from the beach or allow your GMs and chefs to take on more responsibility. Essentially, the tools that enable you to properly execute your dreams. It’s not always comfortable and it takes both hard work and time, but it’s essential for growth and finding the true pulse of your restaurant. All too often we see talented restaurateurs fall into the rut of trying to do everything themselves, or repeatedly making the same mistakes because it takes hard work to correct them. They have the vision, and they know how to execute on that vision, but they don’t have the tools to do it properly. Sometimes you need a little help, a little kick in the you know what to make you better; just like working out. Once you have the proper tools in place you realize you are a force to be reckoned with; your team and profit will reflect that, and your guests will see it too.

Now close your eyes for a moment, and think about your dream. What’s your vision for your restaurant and how do you plan on carrying out that vision? What team do you see in the picture with you? Here’s where the help comes in. Imagine a system enabling those people in your picture to assist you throughout the process. Think about the ability to streamline everything from your POS to the IRS, and having a team who becomes your payroll company, processes your vendor checks, reconciles your bank account(s), and sends in all of your tax payments. RSI is your team. RSI can be your personal trainer. Since we are a one-stop shop for processing all of this data, we are able to provide you with weekly financial statements. Seeing your financials on a weekly basis allows you ultimate control of the success of your business. Rather than reacting to any surprises when you finally receive a P/L, our service enables you to take proactive steps so can correct any areas of opportunity thus improving your bottom line profitability. Using accounting tools like these enable you to properly execute your vision and allows you to take a step back and watch your carefully crafted team take action. The pulse of your restaurant will stay strong with the ownership and accountability back in your hands so you can achieve total fiscal accountability.