Top Ways To Earn Money Back On Your Restaurant Purchases

What if independent restaurants had the same buying power as the corporates?

Allow RASI’s Restaurant Purchasing Services to grow with your businesses. Our team and the power of the RASI Purchasing Program enables you to know that the decisions affecting your purchasing are carried through to financial performance, giving you the same competitive edge as if you were a chain restaurant receiving the big box rebates! The catch? There is none…

  • There are no startup fees to join the RASI Purchasing Program
  • You don’t have to change a thing! Keep purchasing the products you love at discounted prices
  • 100% of the earned rebate income is passed directly back to you through a reduction of your RASI service fees

Check out below how you can join in the success of the restaurants that have utilized our Purchasing Program and have earned money back on their everyday purchases!


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