Accelerate Employee Payments

Enhance payroll efficiency and make your employees happy as you get money in your employees’ hands faster than ever.

Eliminate Live Checks and Expedite Payday

Branch helps restaurants across the United States move money faster and accelerate payday. It integrates directly with RASI, so RASI customers can leave paper checks and pay cards in the past, and create immediate cost savings.

With Branch, get paid the day after the work week ends, without the need to make changes to the existing process. Salaries are sent directly in the app, no bank account needed. Employees can use or transfer funds instantly via the Branch digital wallet and fee-free Branch card.

Branch is free for RASI clients.

How Branch Works

Skip the costs, delays and management hassle of the paycard process and provide your employees a fee-free, full-banking experience instead.

Step 1 Complete a short application
Step 2 RASI validates payroll
Step 3 Branch pays your employees the day after receiving data from RASI
Step 4 The following day, branch simply debits your account for the total amount paid out to your employees

Why Branch

Good for Business

  • Integrates with RASI
  • Instantly onboard new employees
  • Replace your paycards (or at least level up)
  • Ditch the paper checks and HR headaches

Good for Employees

  • Easy, digital access to wages
  • No-fee banking
  • No overdraft fees
  • Free ATM access
  • Up to 2 day early direct deposit

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