Efficient Hire

Reduce Hiring Costs and Increase Compliance

Stay ahead by finding candidates quickly and hiring at scale with the best-of-breed recruiting and onboarding solutions.

Modern Onboarding for Today’s Hourly Workforce

Efficient Hire offers a proven suite of human resource software solutions that allow restaurants to streamline the hiring process from recruiting to onboarding, while maintaining HR compliance.

They eliminate the manual paper-driven frustrations with a fully automated process, ultimately saving valuable time and money. The employee journey from start to finish is simplified.

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Why Efficient Hire


Instantly engage and hire the best candidates faster. Using Efficient Hire’s simple workflow takes all of the guesswork out of the new hire process.


Take control of your ACA compliance with the guidance of Efficient Hire’s support team. With smart field validation on employee forms, you can reduce your compliance penalty risk.


Accommodate new employees like never before. Taking care of new hires and employees starts before they even know who you are as a company.

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