Restaurant Tax Credits Under The American Rescue Plan Act

Podcast Video The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) is an Emergency Legislative Package to Fund Vaccinations, Provide Immediate, Direct Relief to Families Bearing the Brunt of the COVID-19 Crisis, and Support Struggling Communities. ARPA was signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 11, 2021, and it builds upon the directives of […]

Restaurant Cash Flow Tips To Ensure Financial Stability

During this episode of The Tip Share, RASI Director of Client Advisory Services, Brian McCaig, and Education & Training Manager, Brittany Ward dive into the Cash Flow Statement and discuss why and how, if used properly, it can be an incredibly valuable tool for your business. Restaurant owners and operators have become so accustomed to […]

Top Restaurant Accounting Tips: Closing Out Gift Cards & Catering Deposits For Period End

Successfully closing out a period can start the domino effect for proactively operating a restaurant versus missed opportunities for the following periods. The purpose of the Period End Financial Close is to verify accuracy so you can understand where your money is going in order to make quicker, more educated business decisions. When Closing out the period, […]

Definitive Guide to Restaurant Menu Engineering (Template Download)

RESTAURANT MENU ENGINEERING: HOLY GRAIL OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Restaurant operators often spend many hours and a fair part of their careers chasing after a good Menu Engineering System. Why is it so elusive? Let’s start by defining it and what a good system can do for your restaurant; then we’ll look at what’s required of […]

How To Use A Declining Budget: Restaurant Food Cost Management

HOW CAN A RESTAURANT SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE FOOD COSTS? USE A DECLINING BUDGET One of the most important tools in restaurant accounting to effectively manage food cost is a Declining Budget. When used properly, a Declining Budget can be one of the best tools for stabilizing your costs as well as increasing your cash flow.   […]

How to Start a Restaurant: Ultimate Financial Plan

HOW TO START A RESTAURANT? PLAN. You want to start a restaurant and you create the ideal concept in your head. That concept begins with the idea at its inception; however, for your idea to survive, or even better to thrive, it must operate on a consistently executed financial plan for a restaurant. There’s a […]

Understanding The Function Of Your Restaurant’s Cash Flow Statement

Podcast Video The Cash Flow Statement represents how the Balance Sheet and P&L work together to have an impact on your cash and operating accounts. It is designed to show you where your cash is coming from, and where it is going within a specific time period. Because restaurants don’t operate entirely on a cash […]

How Experts Use Technology To Help QSR Labor Management

As the industry is keenly aware, not only did health and safety guidelines vastly change for restaurants across the nation in 2020, but unavoidable adjusted consumer trends also meant that many brands scrambled to make heavy technology investments that would support operators in making the right decisions for their businesses to survive in the new normal. In this episode of The Tip Share, we dive into the first segment of our 3-Part mini-series for QSR growth strategies. During this segment, RASI Director of Partnerships, Brad Bertram, chats with Don Kreye and Don Bye from Delaget, to discuss technology and automation within the QSR industry and how it’s continuing to impact operations.

Top 3 Components Of Growth For QSR Success In 2021

During today’s final miniseries episode, Brad Bertram, RASI Director of Partnerships, and Delaget’s Don Kreye, Director of Partnerships, and Don Bye, Client Success Manager, hone in on the 3 types of future growth within the QSR industry:

• Financial Growth
• Rooftop/Acquisition Growth
• Brand Diversification

How The New SBA Changes Better Accommodate Small Business Restaurants For PPP Loans

As the Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to make changes within the requirements and restrictions for PPP Loans, RASI Compliance Director, Brian Smith, ensures small business owners are up to date on the latest amendments. Check out the newest modifications that the SBA has made to the PPP Loans in order to better accommodate small businesses!
• Financial Growth
• Rooftop/Acquisition Growth
• Brand Diversification