How To Accurately Calculate Liquor Cost in Your Restaurant or Bar

Restaurant Bar - How To - Liquor Cost

Understanding your restaurant’s COGS (cost of goods or cost of sales – the cost of the goods you purchase and utilize to create revenue), is the key to success for every well-run restaurant. As every operator knows, industry margins are paper-thin. To become profitable, it’s imperative that you gain a true handle on how to […]

Top 5 Tools for Financial Success in Your Restaurant

I feel like I should start this off by saying that anyone can start a restaurant, but not everyone can start a successful one; however it just isn’t true. Not simply anyone can start a restaurant because spoiler alert: it’s EXTREMELY difficult. Not only do you have to find the capital to start your own operation, but […]

Restaurant Inventory & Managing your Investments

If your walk-in, liquor storage and beer coolers were bank vaults they would have round wheels and Fort Knox-like security.  The point here is that you normally keep your cash in the bank; in restaurants however, you keep your cash in the form of inventory.  The products you purchase need to be treated like an […]

Restaurant Inventory Control Systems & the Ugly Underbelly of the Industry

This month we’ve been focusing on the value of performing your restaurant’s inventory on a weekly basis.  I know, when I say weekly and inventory in the same breath you’re most likely glaring at the computer like I just asked you to clean the toilet.  Hear me out; there are countless benefits as to why […]