Empowering Restaurant Business Owners

We’re modernizing the back-office through managed finance as a service for small, medium, multi-unit, franchise, and enterprise restaurants.

About RASI

RASI’s mission is to provide a cost-effective restaurant management system and service for restaurateurs that our competitors are unable to replicate. Our restaurant accounting system offers a variety of service levels ensuring we cater to every individual restaurant’s needs, providing a deep focus on ownership of financial accounting.
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Why We Win

Domain Expertise

Proprietary Technology


The Minds Behind RASI

We are a team of experts with highly specialized skills in restaurant business, accounting, compliance, and technology.

Portfolio Managers

Our portfolio managers use their vast knowledge of the restaurant industry and our platform to deepen the partnership with our clients. They oversee teams comprised of Accountants & Client Advisors to foster a collaborative and strong environment that strives to provide excellence in service.

Client Advisors

Our training team consists of ex-restaurant GM’s, executive chefs and owners; they know the restaurant business inside and out. They use their expert experience to share best practices, and empower restaurateurs with RASI’s dynamic tools.

Accounting Team

Our accountants incorporate their vast knowledge of accounting principles into the restaurant industry. They utilize the RASI system to translate various restaurant tasks into financial statements.

Bookkeeping Team

Our team of experienced bookkeepers assist in the day to day transactions within your operation. They provide accurate financial reporting and audits, seamless expense tracking, automated transaction processing, and more.

Conversion Accountants

Our conversion accountants are experts in forensic accounting enabling them to create comprehensible reports from literal shoeboxes and self-taught prior books. They ensure that your experience with RASI starts seamlessly.

Tax Team

Our tax team consists of certified, highly trained specialists with expertise on tax regulations for the hospitality industry. With 25+ years of combined experience in processing taxes in almost every US state, they can ensure that we are staying abreast of all tax laws.

Engineering Team

Our engineering team built and supports our proprietary Restaurant Accounting System. They bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge working with POS systems and POS data, so our clients can streamline everything from POS to IRS.

Our Team is Growing

Come join us on the journey to provide a cost-effective restaurant management system. See open roles on our careers page.

Media Recognition

See how we’re helping restaurants succeed as we share our industry knowledge with the world.