// RASI Referral Program

Refer A Colleague and Earn Up To $5,000!!!

At RASI we understand that trust and success go hand in hand! That's why we've created our Restaurant Referral Program — to reward and recognize those who help us grow while building their own success in the process!

Tell an industry operator about us and make some extra cash! Earn up to $5,000 for any colleague who signs up to use our services!

Beneficial for their business… lucrative for yours!

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Enter your contact information and the contact info for your referral in the registration form above.


A RASI rep will reach out to your referral within 1 working business day!


If your referral signs up for a BRASI service… you’ll receive your check for up to $5,000!

Why Send a Referral to RASI?

Check out how your colleagues can increase profits and save 30% of their managers’ time by having restaurant accounting, payroll, food cost management, and digital AP all in one management system.

// RASI Restaurant Accounting

Maximize Profits & Drive Growth

Our hospitality-specific accounting system is powered by accounting and bookkeeping professionals with restaurant backgrounds who educate operators to make smarter business decisions through industry-specific reporting and timely financial analysis.

// RASI Restaurant Payroll

Payroll Management Made Simple

RASI has an edge over traditional payroll companies with our vast knowledge of the specific nuances linked to the restaurant industry, i.e. regional labor compliance, controlling costs within food, beverage, and labor, and more.

An Extension of Our Team

“RASI accounting solutions facilitate a full engagement as a financial advisor.
It’s like adding a new team member without the additional overhead.
We've been able to monitor, control, and manage our significant business variables to increase profitability!

The frequency of weekly financial statements makes it easy for us to pinpoint
areas of opportunity where we can immediately impact operations.”

// RASI Food Cost Management

Easily Manage and Control
Your Food Costs

RASI food cost management empowers operators to transform their menus with data-driven insights for rapid results. Real-time analytics into ingredient pricing, menu item margins, and COGS ensure operators analyze their menu from a financial perspective, optimizing for profitability

// RASI AP Automation

Digital AP for Total Control
& Efficiency

PayStream automates the entire invoice life cycle from invoice digitization to making vendor payments, directly integrating with your accounting software. Operators can improve efficiencies, while lowering invoice processing costs.