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Purpose-built payroll management

Our payroll management system and compliance services integrate seamlessly with leading POS systems, Benefit Administrators, ACA Providers, Tip Reporting, Break Compliance, and HR partners for better security.

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Restaurant Payroll Solutions

Remain a step ahead and save your restaurant from payroll-related errors.

Payroll Compliance

Understand and maintain compliance with Local, State, and Federal Mandates including Tip Credit, PTO, Regular Rate of Pay, and Surcharge in all states.

Payroll management dashboard

Enhance your workflow with streamlined POS integrations and easy to read, integrated financial reporting including: multiple wage, hour and location payroll.

Flexible Pay Days and Pay Cycles

Adhere to your cash flow needs with flexible pay cycles including: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Semi-Monthly options.

Flexible Pay Type Options

Ensure your employees are paid on time via RASI’s web-based system and enjoy the flexibility of pay via Direct deposit, Pay Card, paper check, or cash.

Payroll Tax Returns

Save time while RASI handles the auditing and preparation of your city, state, and federal taxes.

IRS Form 8027 Generation

Recieve your Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips, prepared by RASI.

Strategic Partnership Integrations

Receive guidance with RASI's integration to POS, Insurance, 401K Administrators, Benefit Administrators and Onboarding & Applicant Tracking Systems.

Online Employee Access

Streamline your operation with user-friendly online employee access for W2’s, paycheck stubs and HR documents.

Learn About Payroll Solutions for Restaurants



Think about recent trends that have changed the industry in recent years. The “takeout revolution” is one, and delivery services have also impacted restaurants everywhere. Throw in ever-changing regulations for things like restaurant payroll, and it’s easy to see why today’s restaurants, in some ways, barely resemble operations of the past.


Speaking of restaurant payroll, the way employees are paid are more varied than ever. Direct deposit, paper checks, cash, and more – with “standard” processes anything but standard anymore, it helps to have restaurant payroll solutions that adapt and grow with your business. With RASI’s payroll-friendly tools and resources, we help ensure your restaurant payroll tasks are taken care of – so you can focus on complete customer satisfaction and business growth!


We offer a complete suite of payroll solutions for restaurants, including tech-oriented automation, insightful reporting, a user-friendly payroll management dashboard, and much more. RASI helps simplify restaurant payroll processes, which empowers and enables restaurant owners and managers like you to concentrate on profits and effective employee relations.


Aside from the obvious advantage of our powerful, practical software, RASI also offers a consultative approach to each customer. We’ll help you navigate the often tricky, much-overlooked process of establishing a payroll platform. And as regulations regarding payroll change – they’re always tweaked by local, state and federal legislative updates – we’re right with you every step of the way to ensure your restaurant payroll is up to date and compliant.


If you need flexible, agile, and affordable payroll solutions for your restaurant(s), RASI is ready to help today! Request a demo today of our restaurant payroll services, or call our payroll experts directly at (720) 826-9900. Thanks for visiting RASI – we’d love to hear from you today!

Benefits of RASI Payroll & HRIS

Accelerate your restaurant’s success with an efficient payroll system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


The RASI payroll management system is designed specifically for Restaurants. RASI understands the industry and has built a platform based on the unique needs specific to the hospitality industry. 


RASI’s restaurant payroll software integrates directly with industry-leading POS systems to automate the payroll process. Users’ payroll data streams directly from their POS into the RASI payroll dashboard. RASI will then alert a client of any critical exceptions that may exist, ensuring that all employees are paid accurately and on time.

Staffing issues impact all industries but perhaps none more than the restaurant business. RASI recommends a weekly payroll cycle as it improves retention. We provide this option at no additional cost over bi-weekly or semi-monthly schedules. 


Weekly payroll increases financial accuracy and improves cash management. Additionally, it enables restaurant employees to better manage their finances. For a more in-depth look at why we recommend weekly payroll, click here!

The complexities of restaurant payroll management and compliance pose a substantial risk for errors. RASI works with every payroll client to ensure compliance, accuracy, and timeliness of payments. RASI provides clarity into legislation and guidance on properly recording wages while paying employees in compliance with the law. 


Our restaurant payroll software handles all auditing and preparation of city, state, and federal (if applicable) taxes within regard to payroll tax returns. This includes unemployment, form 940 and 941 returns, and annual W2s, as well as wage garnishment calculation and payments.

RASI integrates with the following solutions providers to enhance our payroll services to our clients: AmTrust Financial, Efficient Hire, Employers Insurance, FirstComp, Farmers Insurance, Republic Indemnity, The Hartford, InsurePay, and SmartPay.

Yes! RASI provides each restaurant with a library of resources regarding employee access to paystubs, W2s, training, etc. These resources include video walk-throughs as well as typed instructions. 

RASI fully supports a paper-free payroll process. It is up to the restaurant to determine what pay types they would like to offer their employees. RASI provides flexible pay-type options to ensure all facets are covered, although fees vary depending upon the option chosen (paperless is always no-cost). This includes Direct Deposits, Paper Checks, Pay Cards, or Cash. 

Yes! Every RASI demo is free of cost and will include a discovery session to understand your restaurant’s current hurdles within payroll, and your goals for a solution. 

One of our representatives will then guide you through the RASI payroll software solution and service to showcase how our system and team can help alleviate issues you may be experiencing. Schedule a demo of our restaurant payroll services today!

No other payroll company provides guidance on how to control labor costs. RASI payroll helps operators identify, down to the shift, where they are losing money in comparison with sales and recognize specific job codes that need adjustments to make the most profitable impact when creating schedules.

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First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


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Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate

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