Restaurant POS Integration

Transactional level enterprise & cloud based integrations

Seamlessly transfer your restaurant’s POS Data into RASI’s accounting system to process everything from payroll and accounts payable to taxes and bank reconciliations.

RASI POS Integration POS teminal

POS Integrations and Data Normalization

Efficiently import and analyze your restaurant’s POS Data.

RASI Report Card

Review operational KPI’s and reporting covering labor, sales, and product, as well as Franchisor/Franchisee performance comparisons with exception-based reporting dependent upon tolerances.

POS Software Integration

RASI integrates with industry leading POS software to seamlessly transfer your POS data into our Accounting System.

Secure POS backup

Collate and secure your restaurant data with POS data backup and archiving.

Benefits of RASI POS Integration

Accelerate your restaurant’s success with efficient data integration.

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RASI POS Integration woman on table in restaurant

RASI POS Integration point of sale terminals

Restaurant manager giving pre-shift talk to employees

RASI’s restaurant POS integration is the simple, streamlined solution for bars, cafes, restaurants, catering services, and other food service establishments.

Thanks to our tech-friendly, intuitive implementation, our restaurant POS integration helps reduce error, fills the information gaps between different systems, enables superior visibility to key profit drivers, and generally makes life easier with your existing point of sale structure.

From regular restaurant sales to merchandise, special events, and more, no other restaurant POS integration provides the flexibility & total client support like RASI does!

Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


RASI’s expert financial accounting management software provides integration with industry-leading restaurant POS software to seamlessly move your POS data directly into our proprietary Accounting System. Within our system, we process everything from your Payroll and Accounts Payable to your Taxes and Bank Reconciliations. Your restaurant POS data culminates in the RASI Report Card, allowing you to compare and view your sales, monitor overtime and attendance, and evaluate various data points through easy-to-read reporting and graphical analysis!

Yes! RASI has resources available to help walk clients through the proper setup of all POS integrations.

RASI Report Card provides the ability to forecast for sales and labor to better create precise budgets. All custom analytical reporting can be sent to your team via email at the frequency for which you request!

Your POS data is securely archived and backed up on a daily frequency.

The integration between RASI’s restaurant accounting software and your POS provides a centralized source of data to eliminate manual processes and significantly reduce human errors. This connection increases your restaurant’s profitability through timely and accurate reporting and provides a true picture of your restaurant’s financial health, enabling you to make proactive, educated business decisions. Additionally integrating your POS software with RASI’s accounting software offers insights into greater areas of opportunity for your restaurant.

A RASI client within the QSR/Franchise space has noted the following benefits through their POS integration with RASI’s financial accounting software.

“RASI integrates with our POS so I can review my financials and relevant reporting rather than spend time on administrative work. Their polling tools save my team hours with payroll, sales reconciliation, and general daily accounting. Additionally, RASI’s reports generate automatically, allowing me to evaluate our sales data rather than create it.”

To view more specific case studies of how other restaurants have benefitted from POS Integration with our accounting software, click here!

The integration between RASI’s financial accounting software and a restaurant’s POS system benefits both single-unit restaurant owners as well as multi-unit concepts, and franchisees! The integration process between the POS and our Accounting system remains streamlined and unchanged no matter which restaurant category you fall under! Data is homogenized across multiple platforms to ensure there is no disparate information within financial and operational reporting.

Nearly all of your restaurant’s sales transactions are tied to point of sale systems. Keeping track of POS activity is nearly impossible to reconcile with payroll, taxes and other financial categories that impact your business.

With an efficient restaurant POS integration from RASI, we’ll help ensure all of your data is synchronized and always up-to-date, enabling you to make the best possible decisions for your enterprise.

First, you have to conduct an honest assessment of your restaurant POS – do you need targeted improvements or a wholesale change? Once you determine your POS needs, it helps to define your particular requirements. Does your restaurant or bar require additional POS terminals to handle sales?

Next, we recommend speaking with a restaurant POS integration expert like RASI to close the loop with your requirements and find a solution that best fits your current needs, all while anticipating future business challenges.

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