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Maximize Profits & Scale Your Operation

Our purpose-built restaurant accounting system is provided with the expert service of an industry-specific team dedicated to create scale for your restaurant, which has resulted in our clients achieving a 14% increase in profits.

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Restaurant Accounting Services

Expert management of financial accounting paired with the service of ongoing education & guidance.

Profit Center™ Hospitality Specific Accounting, Finance, & Payroll Platform

End-to-End ERP managed service and virtual back office designed for Independent, Multi-unit, and QSR/Franchise operations.

RASI Industry Expert Team

Industry Accountants & expert Client Advisors specializing in the education of how to interpret, analyze, and directly impact financial and operational results.

Financial Accounting

RASI expertly handles all of your financial accounting and books.

Oversight Accounting

Enable your team ownership and accountability for your books while RASI reviews for accuracy.

Period End Reviews

Review metrics and identify areas of opportunity with audits, benchmarks, and financial meetings.

Operational Reviews

Analyzing current results against industry comparisons and setting goals, tactics and measurements for the future.

Daily/Weekly Cash Accountability

Regularly receive daily/weekly expense and deposit reconciliations ensuring compliancy.

Benefits of RASI Accounting

Accelerate growth with RASI’s Accounting Services & Team of Industry Experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


RASI’s restaurant accounting services benefit all types of restaurants! This includes independent, multi-unit, and QSR Franchise operations. Our purpose-built restaurant accounting software combined with our leading industry expertise paves the path for operators of all restaurant types to increase profitability, operational efficiencies, and financial accountability, while decreasing costs and creating scale for your team.

RASI’s end-to-end ERP solution is a web-based platform, meaning it’s accessible to clients 24×7! With our managed finance as a service (FaaS) approach, we proudly boast our team of hospitality industry and accounting experts who are available to our clients Monday – Friday via phone, Support Request (RASI’s digital ticketing system), or a live, online chat. We ensure that our clients are always assisted in a timely manner so they can get back to their restaurants and focus on revenue-producing activities.

RASI’s accounting services for restaurants make sure that come tax time, you’re covered! Our highly trained and specialized tax agents will ensure that your restaurant adheres to all tax laws and regulations specific to the hospitality industry. When it comes to the possibility of audits, the most important factor is to ensure your business’s financial health is in top shape – this isn’t possible without timely and accurate financial reporting. RASI’s restaurant accounting software provides weekly financials to ensure you keep your finger on the financial pulse of your restaurant at all times, so when the time comes for an audit, you’re prepared and protected. 

Should you sign up with our Oversight Accounting Services, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to maintain your own books, with the oversight of our RASI accounting professionals. This enables your team to take ownership and accountability within your finances while we review for accuracy!

RASI’s restaurant accounting software integrates with industry-leading restaurant POS software. This integration seamlessly transfers your POS data directly into our accounting system to provide you with real-time, accurate, financial, and operational reporting. This includes pertinent sales and labor data, menu data, and more so operators can make smarter business decisions that positively drive their bottom line.

One of our independent operators had the following to say about restaurant accounting solutions:

“RASI starts with getting to know you and your business so when everything is ready to go they understand the needs of the restaurant and build everything off of those. The training is done over a 16-week period and is extremely thorough and patient. Their support is unmatched. You are able to call or email with as many questions as needed and they are quick, efficient, and thorough in their responses.”

To view more case studies around our restaurant accounting services, click here!

First-year RASI clients typically see an increase of 14% net profit in their operations. This is achieved through the combination of our proprietary financial accounting software and our guided industry expertise and continued education. The unique blend of software and service offers operators the ability to find areas of opportunity to cut costs and increase profitability. 

RASI’s restaurant accounting solutions have been designed specifically to meet operators wherever they are, grow, and scale with them. We ensure you’re prepared with the knowledge needed to make better decisions while not overloading you with services you don’t need or are not prepared to properly utilize. In doing this, we successfully guide our clients on the path to success that fits their specific needs at the right time!

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First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate



First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


Existing RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate

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