Driving Success
With End-to-End ERP Solutions

The leading virtual end-to-end outsourced Accounting, Payroll, and Finance platform; modernizing the back-office with Managed Finance as a Service (FaaS).


To understand a restaurant’s core issues and develop the proper solutions for success, RASI conducts a discovery call session with all the vital stakeholders of the restaurant.

RASI Collaboration Wheel

RASI validates the gathered insights and information from the collaboration phase and summarizes them into comprehensible goals, tactics, and measurements for success.

RASI Approach Venn Diagram
Managed Finance as a Service

After establishing your cost savings, cash flow, and strategic plans, RASI supports your progress by regularly providing actionable insights on areas of opportunity, and future steps for success.

RASI Approach Flow Chart
Group of women being served food, smiling at server

Expert Team on Every Step

Team of RASI Experts to set measurable goals and support the tactics to attain said goals from the moment of kickoff through the three tiered educational process of achieving financial and operational success.

Transparency Through Timely and Accurate Reporting

RASI provides you timely and comprehensive financial reports that you can rely on to make proactive and educated business decisions.

Continuous Education

RASI experts will empower you and your team with advantageous knowledge and resources that will help you reach your business goals.