Restaurant Accounting Pricing

Find the restaurant accounting service package that
best caters to your specific business needs.

Ready to improve your financial insights, accelerate effective accounting solutions, and take control of your restaurant’s finance operations? You can do it alone, but the considerable time and money to handle these tasks aren’t feasible for most restaurant managers and financial personnel.

There’s a better way with RASI! We offer premium, customized restaurant accounting plans for any sized business, including yours! Whether you need help with a growing restaurant with possible expansion plans, a single establishment, or an established franchise, no other outsourced solution tops RASI’s unique combination of affordable restaurant accounting pricing, expert advice, and total customer support.

Check out our restaurant financial accounting and management packages and pricing! We’re sure to have a restaurant accounting plan that fits your budget and business requirements.


Service Value


$349 mo/rooftop

Minimum 5+ Rooftops


$649 mo/rooftop


$949 mo/rooftop

Recommended For
Restaurants with 5 or more rooftops to provide a unified technology platform for both store-level and corporate management visibility while maintaining professional accounting & compliance oversight and education
Franchisees and emerging brands who want to focus on turn-key accounting with balance sheet reviews, break evens, cash management, and compliance
Operators who want to focus on all aspects of managing their operations while allowing the RASI team to provide the turn-key accounting & bookkeeping with balance sheet and operational reviews, theoretical costing and recipe management, and financial goal setting against industry benchmarks
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Oversight Accounting

Enable your team ownership within accounting practices while RASI reviews for accuracy

RASI Financial Accounting Icon
Financial Accounting

Let RASI handle all your transactional financial accounting & books

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RASI Industry Expert Team and Continued Education
Understand how to analyze and impact financial results
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Compliance Oversight
Protect your valuable assets, you, your employees and your business
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Balance Sheet Reviews and Operational Financial Reviews

Meetings to review financial statement accuracy, as well as metrics to identify areas of opportunity

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Cash Management Reconciliation Reporting

Regularly receive daily/weekly expense and deposit reconciliations ensuring compliancy

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Budgeting and Break Evens
Effectively determine your break-even point and build a better budget to earn more profits

First One is On Us!

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Goal Setting, Tactics and Measurements
Engage management team members to grow within respective roles

First One is On Us!

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Inventory, Menu Engineering, and Theoretical Costing

Easily identify and communicate unit recipe, vendor, and item discrepancies for a profitable menu

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CFO/COO Level Strategy

Utilize CFO/COO level engagements, focusing on specific objectives with measurable outcomes to grow your management team

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Strategic Partnerships

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Our strategic partners have proven their respective industry expertise by helping thousands of restaurants across the nation achieve operational success

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Purchasing Program & Rebates

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Leverage RASI's parent company, Buyers Edge Platform, to reduce costs and gain insights on your current restaurant product purchases

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Payroll Service

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Optional Add On

*14-month contract subscription  *Corporate and Land Holding Companies billed uniquely