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Continued financial guidance with purpose-built ERP software enables you to focus on your business, and empowers you to make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

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Restaurant Accounting

Improve profitability through unique service levels that cater to individual restaurant’s needs, providing a deep focus on ownership of financial accounting.Learn More

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Restaurant Bookkeeping

Access our team of bookkeepers who provide accurate financial reporting and audits, seamless expense tracking, automated transaction processing, and more. Learn More

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Financial Reporting

Maximize your restaurant's profits through streamlined reporting, enabling you to make educated, data-driven, and timely business decisions. Learn More

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Payroll & HRIS

Pay your employees in a timely and accurate manner, while maintaining compliance with Local, State, and Federal mandates regarding payroll processing. Learn More

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AP & Cash Management

Increase transparency around Accounts Payable with vendor payment comparisons, trends, and reporting, with daily/weekly cash reconciliation. Learn More

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Inventory Management & Theoretical Costing

Proactively manage inventory through RASI’s flexible dashboard with theoretical costing and forecasting capabilities. Learn More

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Purchasing & Rebates

Leverage purchasing power and gain insights through RASI’s, parent company, Buyers Edge Platform - powered by data analytics, software, and collaborative relationships. Learn More

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Utilize real-time data to create actionable insights into your operation and improve your financial results. Learn More

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POS Integration & Data Normalization

Seamlessly transfer your POS data into RASI’s purpose-built payroll & accounting software, standardizing financial metrics across the board. Learn More

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Restaurant Compliance

Protect your valuable assets, employees, and business with compliance experts and technology that adapts with changing regulations. Learn More

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Treasury Solutions

Comply with changing tax mandates using purpose-built technology ensuring timely and accurate tax payments, and Local, State and Federal Tax compliancy. Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional bookkeepers, RASI is a team built with Hospitality Industry experts that will become a part of your team through goal setting, provide educational tactics and strategies to achieve financial and operational success. Additionally, RASI provides you with timely and accurate financial reports that you can rely on to make more educated business decisions.
With RASI, not only will you gain proven insights that assist in optimizing your profits, but you’ll also save 30% of your managers’ time by eliminating manual processes and moving away from defragmented systems. With streamlined processes, your enabled to generate operational efficiency through the use of real-time data to make educated, profitable decisions.
Absolutely! One of the greatest benefits of RASI’s Restaurant Accounting Services is that our services meet you at your current needs. Because RASI utilizes a managed finance as a service approach, we have the unique ability to utilize our team members who have been former Owners, Operators, and GMs to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals with their in-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry and its nuances. Our continued education and guidance empowers clients to better understand and manage their businesses from a financial and growth perspective.
Yes! RASI was built on the foundation of a ‘Triangle Balance’ that translate to managing finances – timeliness, accuracy, and verification.
Yes! RASI has multiple case studies describing the success our restaurants have seen while working with us! From QSR/Franchise Restaurants to Independent Opeartions, and Multi-Unit Concepts, RASI has aided in the financial growth of countless restaurants across the nation! Check out all of our Case Studies here!
Our managed finances as a service approach for restaurants, combined with our continued education and training is the reason why over 2000 restaurants trust us with the financial and operational needs! To get started, please reach out and request a demo today!

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