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Safeguard Your Restaurant with Efficient Tax Compliance

Squaring your restaurant’s day-to-day operations with compliance requirements can be a burden. RASI’s restaurant tax solutions platform includes professional, highly-trained tax agents to ensure your establishment is up to speed with the latest laws and regulations that impact the restaurant industry.

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Scope of Treasury Services

Receive guidance and compliance assistance for tax regulations specific to the hospitality industry.

Payroll Tax Return and Payments

Including restaurant treasury solutions like: federal/state (if applicable), unemployment, form 940 and 941 returns, state forms (if applicable) annual W2’s.

Wage Garnishment Calculation and Payment

Ensure wages are garnished accurately and paid on time.

401k, Medical/Dental Deductions

Track and ensure 401k, medical, and dental deductions are accurate.

IRS Form 8027 Generation

Receive annual tip credit report for annual tax filing purposes.


Access a repository of information regarding unique hospitality industry tax laws.

Scope Of Corporate Tax Service​

Our restaurant tax solutions help you remain compliant with the law, protect your assets,
simplify operations, and increase your profits.

Corporate Income Taxes

Federal & State Income Tax & K-1 Preparation, Full Balance Sheet Review, Restaurant-Specific Tax Adjustments, and Seamless Communication.

1099 (int, div, misc) Preparation

Generate 1099s for all vendors paid over $600 throughout the year, in compliance with IRS requirements.

Personal Property Tax Filing

File all tangible property on personal property taxes for state and local government.

Personal Income Tax Filing

Restaurant owner/investor personal income tax preparation and K-1 report generation.

DOL, DOR, IRS Audit Assistance

Provide supporting documentation and assist in answering auditor questions.

Prior Book Reconciliations

Reconcile prior books and ensure prior financials are up-to-date.

Tax Planning & Tax Forecasting

Determine specific tax goals and develop a customized plan for beneficial tax purposes.

Business Formation Tax Advisory

Advisory on choice of tax entity and file required tax elections.

Business Valuation

Determination of the economic value of the business.

Lease Negotiations

Effectively assist negotiations in what’s achievable for your business both in the short and long term.

Benefits of RASI Restaurant Tax Solutions

Secure your success with our highly trained tax agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With RASI’s team of highly trained tax agents, we ensure all taxes are accurate and paid on time while remaining compliant with federal, state, and local regulations no matter how many states your enterprise is in.

Our restaurant treasury services are part of our entire suite of restaurant accounting services at no extra cost (unless you utilize our separate Corporate Tax Services)! The beauty of RASI’s modernized back-office is that your accounting and financial management are handled by industry experts so you can gain control of your operational goals and financial future!

Yes! Employee access of W2s and tax documents is simplified through easy online access with our video walkthroughs and written instructions for retrieval assistance. With RASI Tax Services all W3s, 8027, and 1099s for vendors paid over $600 throughout the year are generated and within compliance of IRS requirements.

Utilizing RASI’s automated tax services and the guidance of our industry expert tax team, you can feel at peace knowing that your restaurant is secure and protected with adherence to all tax laws and regulations specific to the hospitality industry! Our knowledgeable team executes period-based audits of all tax accounts for accuracy, performs Balance Sheet Reviews, and assists with the education you need in understanding your cash flow (inclusive of tax implications) through daily Cash Management and reconciliation. Because RASI is a team of hospitality industry experts, we also service your operation by maximizing restaurant industry-specific Tax Credits and Deductions.

Yes! RASI’s self-service portal is easily accessible, user-friendly, and provides all of your applicable tax documents at your fingertips. Additionally, RASI has a team of highly trained and specialized tax agents to support all of your restaurant tax and compliance needs should you require any additional assistance during an IRS audit.

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