Financial Reporting Systems for Restaurants

Our streamlined, complete GL & financial reporting enables operators to proactively run their restaurant using real-time data

Our comprehensive financial dashboard aids in utilizing real-time data to better manage your cash flow and improve the precision of your budget and operational targets.
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Scope of Service

Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your restaurant utilizing real-time data to create actionable operational insights.

Customizable Chart of Accounts

Understand current liabilities, assets, and expenses with customized balance sheets, income and expense statements, and general ledgers.

Weekly Financial Statements

Ensure business decisions are made in a timely and accurate matter with a Weekly P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflow.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Improve the precision of your budgeting & forecasting using machine learning and historical metrics.

Comparative Based Accounting Cycles

Evaluate pertinent financial trends with either a 13 Period, 445, or 544 Financial Statement Cycle.

Multi-Unit Financial Consolidation & Comparative Reporting

Compare data performance with side-by-side financial reporting across multiple units.

Multi-Unit Financial Summary

Drill Down from Multi-Unit Financial Summary to Meaningful KPIs within Guest Checks, Inventory Items, Purchasing Details, and General Ledger Distribution.

Benefits of RASI Reporting

Drive Success With RASI’s Managed Finance as a Service (FaaS) Approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


RASI’s financial reporting systems are all incredibly user-friendly and easy to use! To further enhance our streamlined reporting capabilities, RASI offers a full team of industry experts to provide educational support surrounding how, why, and when to use specific reporting. This translates into operators taking full ownership and accountability of their business from a financial and operational standpoint.

A QSR client utilizing RASI’s Financial Accounting Services reported the following:

“The breakdown of weekly financial statements makes it possible for us to pinpoint focus on areas of opportunity we can directly impact our operations immediately. I rely on weekly financial reporting to create solutions for increasing profit. This allows me to be proactive instead of waiting to see how we did after the month is already over. From a developmental standpoint, RASI has been extremely educational, giving me a deep understanding of every aspect of managing a restaurant.”

To review more real-life case studies of RASI clients benefiting from our financial reporting services, click here!

RASI’s customizable financial reporting includes balance sheets, income and expense statements, and general ledgers. Additionally, clients can effortlessly customize their financial dashboard with Cost of Sales, AP Spend, Vendor Spend, Budgeting, Menu Engineering, and more!

RASI proudly serves all categories of restaurant operators, including independent operators, multi-concept operators, and QSR/Franchise operators. Our hospitality-specific financial accounting software and services cater to single or multi-units with comparative reporting capabilities, easily adjustable to ensure your needs are successfully met! As an added benefit to multi-concept and franchise operations, your operational financial metrics are standardized across the board to simplify management.

Timely and accurate financial reporting is paramount to every restaurant operator’s success, no matter if they’re a new operator or if they’ve been running restaurants for years. The sooner an operator can understand how their financials impact their daily operations, the better equipped they’ll be to make proactive, educated business decisions. As an additional benefit for new operators, RASI’s financial reporting and data analytics can compare like versus like concepts within markets to help budget and create attainable, relevant goals! Operators who utilize RASI’s financial reporting are able to analyze metrics and identify areas of opportunity with audits and benchmarks, allowing them to improve their operational efficiency, and ultimately, their profitability. 

Yes! In fact, the entire RASI platform works together seamlessly through one comprehensive financial dashboard. Within our user-friendly financial accounting dashboard, clients can easily access payroll, accounts payable, sales, inventory, financial and operational reporting, and more!

With RASI’s managed finance as a service (FaaS) approach, our financial reporting services are provided at no extra cost to our clients within our suite of services, including: Oversight Accounting Services, Financial Accounting Services, Managed CFO/COO Services. 

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