Restaurant AP & Cash Management

Increase timeliness and transparency around Accounts Payable

Our fully digitized restaurant cash management system enhances financial visibility and enables you to proactively manage your accounts payable and cash position. Everything from item level details to AP bill payments to cash reconciliation – our accounts payable software for restaurants keeps your accounting methodology current, up-to-date and accurate.

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Cash Management Systems for Restaurants

Enhance the management of your financial tasks with digital processes and machine learning through RASI’s cash management system for your restaurants!

Invoice Image Storage

Eliminate manual processes with fully digitized AP management through machine learning GL, itemized invoice scanning and reconciliation, and digital storage.

Automated Synchronization

Allow exception-based reporting on item level details by synchronizing your inventory database.

AP & Cash Management Reporting

Streamline AP management utilizing reporting for: vendor payment comparisons and trends, Accounts Payable payment status and trends, and spend forecasting.

Invoice Cash Management Aging

Allow accounts payable to pay out when your cash flow permits. This innovative restaurant cash management bill payer affords you the opportunity to manage vendor terms with complete visibility into your cash position.

Flexible AP Bill Payment Methods

Increase the flexibility in which you pay your bills between ACH, Paper, Credit Card, and Cash options.

Daily/Weekly Cash Reconciliation

Regularly receive daily/weekly expense and deposit reconciliations ensuring compliancy.

Benefits of RASI AP & Cash Management

Accelerate your restaurant’s success with proactive financial management.

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RASI AP & Cash Management man with tablet reviewing restaurant AP & Cash

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


RASI’s exception-based inventory reporting, a cornerstone of our accounts payable software for restaurants, enables operators to identify and resolve fluctuations in inventory costs in real-time. Understanding action items regarding inventory and being able to adjust both purchasing behaviors and production behaviors in a timely manner allows operators to proactively manage their cash flow and cost of goods expenses.

Absolutely! We’re with you every step of the way with our convenient, easy to use restaurant cash management system. RASI’s best-in-class restaurant cash management service is what sets us apart from the competition!

In addition to our industry experts that train and educate our clients on how to become financially accountable within their businesses, RASI has a vast library of Educational and Training resources. This includes best practices, guides, policies, walk-through videos, and more!

RASI also offers supplementary group training sessions after implementation and onboarding at no additional cost, and additional one-on-one trainings if requested per client as well (ancillary fees apply to additional one-on-one training sessions and are discussed beforehand).

If an operator has vendors with set terms, they can be added to the RASI system and we will automatically cut the checks based on terms. Handling restaurant AP based on terms ensures that your expenses are captured in the correct week and vendor payments are made timely, keeping vendor relationships positive and intact!

Through the use of RASI’s auto-generated invoices, operators can set up automated invoice scheduling for any vendors who are paid the same way on the same day. Using this feature ensures that all ACH or automated payments are captured and correctly allocated for both financial reporting and cash management reconciliation.

Yes! RASI’s Cash Management system for restaurants can be utilized to match transactions against bank activity, create invoices, code journal entry adjustments, stale date checks, and research past activity. RASI has a custom cash management system for your restaurant ready to go.

The best restaurant cash management systems not only help you manage current accounting requirements, but they also aid in down-the-road preparation. One of the many benefits of the RASI platform is that all submitted financial data interacts within all of the cost control and reporting tools. Operators have the ability to review current metrics and results and set future goals in real-time using both data from the financials and integrated POS reporting.

Yes! RASI’s interactive widget reporting allows you to view fluctuations in spending as well as identify spending trends. This helps to pinpoint areas of opportunity and allows you powerful negotiation tactics with purchase history across a period of time to negotiate vendor terms and pricing.

Invoices are easily imported through RASI’s invoice upload platform. Once the invoice is verified, it can be matched in RASI’s Cash Management module in real-time against the bank transactions. Contrast this with traditional methods of restaurant cash management, and it’s easy to see why RASI’s accounting services are in high demand for bars, restaurants, cafes, catering services, and more!

RASI’s Cash Management system for restaurants is provided at no extra cost with our suite of services! Understanding your restaurant’s cash position not only ensures accuracy in your financials, but also allows you to make smart decisions for your team, your guests and your business! 

We’re proud of the tremendous success we’ve had with clients all over the country, and the testimonials RASI receives are just one method to measure the impact we’ve had in the realm of restaurant accounting. One of our independent restaurants had the following to say about RASI’s Cash Management Tool:

“RASI’s Cash Management tool has provided our managers with the control and insight into understanding our cash flow. This feature presents a weekly cash accountability report so we’ve been able to recognize where our money is going, and where our true cash position lies. Additionally, we feel we’ve gained security in knowing that our financials are complete and inclusive of all expenses, each week!”

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First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate



First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


Existing RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate

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