Restaurant Compliance

Ensure That Your Restaurant is Protected

Our dedicated compliance team understands the industry they serve, and are there to help protect your valuable assets, employees, stakeholders, and business.

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Scope of Service

Maintain diligent compliance to federal, state, and local legislation.

HR Compliance Services

Get guidance on documentation audits, best policies, and best practices.

Education and Training

Receive digital education and webinars focused on team training and best compliance practices.

Industry Alerts

Stay updated with important industry compliance news and legislative updates or amendments.

HR Documentation

Ensure compliance and provide electronic signature, storage, and retention of federal forms.

Learn About Restaurant Compliance


Are you current with restaurant compliance requirements? Do you know which ones change year-to-year? More broadly, can you answer the question, what is restaurant compliance?

If you need assistance with restaurant compliance solutions, look no further than RASI. We offer full-scale compliance resources for any size enterprise, from nation-wide franchises to small, independent eateries.


From education & training to HR compliance, documentation and everything in between, our automated HRIS tools ensure you’re always up to date with the latest restaurant compliance requirements – which means you can concentrate on other business-critical tasks while we handle your compliance needs behind the scenes.


One of our primary restaurant compliance solutions is for payroll processing. Prompt, accurate, regular payments promote full trust with your workforce and helps to reduce employee turnover. For example, tracking breaks, rest and employee meals can differ from state to state, and even between local jurisdictions. RASI’s restaurant compliance solutions keep you ahead of the curve, since our software accounts for these quickly changing regulations.


Another area of concern for restaurant owners regards tax compliance. Our restaurant tax compliance solutions include corporate income tax assistance (federal & state compliance, balance sheet review, etc.), historical book reconciliation, tax planning & forecasting, business valuation, and other services to ensure 100% compliance for local, state, and federal tax requirements.


What’s more, our restaurant compliance solutions and flexible HRIS platform also provide:

  • Payroll management dashboard: All critical compliance data, right at your fingertips – and always current and accurate!?
  • Versatile pay options: Whether your employees are paid by paper check, direct deposit, or cash, we’ll make sure all outgoing pay is accounted for with our restaurant compliance requirements.?
  • Strategic partnerships that work for you: Just one of RASI’s capable compliance partners is 7shifts, which helps streamline all of your compliance activities. Plus, our clients can get 3 free months of 7shifts service!

Benefits of RASI Compliance

Accelerate your restaurant’s success with diligent compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! RASI’s dedicated compliance team understands the varying regulations across the country to ensure that each one of our restaurants can have peace of mind knowing they’re compliant with the law. Furthermore, when it comes to critical items like payroll compliance, RASI has partnered with strategic point solutions like 7shifts to ensure payroll and labor compliance are covered throughout the U.S.
RASI’s restaurant accounting software adjusts calculations as needed for wages, tip income, PTO etc. to ensure that all financial reporting is compliant with the current legislation. There is no training necessary for clients as this is completely built-in to the system! Additionally, our Compliance Team will post any essential “alerts” on the client dashboard should any new regulations arise that affect the restaurant industry.
RASI’s digital storage solution provided through our trusted partner, Efficient Hire, eliminates the fragmentation of the employee onboarding process as well as ensures compliance with required human resource documents like I9 and W4s. In addition, our digital storage provides electronic signature, storage, and retention of these and any other documents. Our integration with HRIS point solutions like Efficient Hire ensures that all onboarding through hiring and critical HR-related items are handled and stored directly within the system.
Our highly trained and specialized tax agents will ensure that your restaurant adheres to all tax laws and regulations specific to the hospitality industry. Many common errors occur when operators fail to understand which legislation affects their restaurants, or sometimes aren’t even aware when new legislation has passed. RASI’s automated technology adapts to the constant federal, state, and local regulations to keep our restaurants compliant.
RASI’s distinctive Compliance Team helps to reduce compliance fees or expenses by ensuring these fees never occur in the first place. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our restaurants are armed with the knowledge, tools, and reporting necessary to remain in compliance with the law.
Here’s what one of our independent operators had to say about RASI’s Compliance Services: “The assistance provided by Brian Smith, RASI Director of Compliance, to help us maneuver the labyrinth of steps to accomplish PPP loan forgiveness was a Godsend. The depth of thought that went into building the tables of information the government required greatly accelerated our ability to gain loan forgiveness, and quickly!” To view more case studies around our restaurant accounting services, click here!
RASI Compliance is part of our entire integrated restaurant accounting solution! Our standard alerts, updates, and adaptive reporting come at no additional cost to the service. Please note that additional costs occur when special cases arise where there is a substantial amount of extra work required on the RASI Compliance Team. Any associated fees and additional scopes of work are always discussed with the restaurant prior to commencing any work!

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