Multi-Unit Inventory & Theoretical Costing

Create a Profitable Menu

Our cohesive inventory and menu engineering system enables you to optimize financial success by analyzing food cost in comparison to sales trends, and easily identify and communicate unit recipe, vendor, and item discrepancies.

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Scope of Service

Take control of your inventory to optimize your menu for profitability.

Detailed Item Level Reporting

Increase efficiencies with customizable count sheets, and customized menu item modeling and contribution.

Spending Forecast

Evaluate and optimize daily restaurant spending with a weekly spend forecast.

Food Cost Management

Optimize the profitability of your menu by analyzing food cost in comparison to sales trends.

Menu Engineering Dashboard

See daily operational data that identifies volume of sales per menu item or category.

Menu Item Velocity Reporting

See which items have positive sales and positive contribution margin.

Drill Down Reporting

Utilize actionable insights with recipe margin and cost comparisons, and trending analyses.

Item Variance Reporting

Gain insight into your menu with complete multi-unit and multi-concept inventory with theoretical vs. actual costing, and forecasting.

Cost Of Goods Audit Reporting

Review and approve item and purchasing variances in real time and by location.

Consolidation and Trend Reporting

Flexible widgets enable operators to review, teach, and identify opportunities across all units.

Benefits of RASI Inventory Management

Accelerate your restaurant’s success with efficient inventory management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


RASI’s 4R Widget tracks your sales data and menu item trends. Based on the cost of your menu items in correlation with their contributed sales, our reporting provides you with information on which recipes you should consider Rethinking (low sales, low margin), Replating (low sales, high margin), Repricing (high sales, low margin) or Retaining (high sales, high margin)! This reporting offers you the opportunity to optimize your menu from a financial perspective and bring more revenue to your business!

RASI’s inventory reporting offers operators the ability to drill down from a bird’s eye view down to more granular views to isolate areas of opportunity. COGs pre-submit reporting allows operators to view weekly inventory totals against their previous inventory and then set budgets to easily identify errors in counting and/or purchasing prior to submitting inventory. The COGs widget provides clarity into the GL accounts with the highest cost and drills down into item trends to isolate where the opportunities lie within WEPT and/or vendor price fluctuations. Lastly, the menu item contribution and item variance reporting paired with product mix reporting enable operators to hone in on items with the highest price elasticity to negotiate vendor pricing and identify menu price opportunities.

Inflation is certainly a factor that every operator must account for each year. Commodity prices fluctuate and if operators don’t keep a keen eye on their vendor contracts and product pricing, costs can quickly spiral out of hand. This is where RASI’s Purchasing Program excels and assists operators with receiving high-quality ingredients at the lowest prices. Utilizing a Market Basket Analysis our purchasing team can audit and/or negotiate prime vendor agreements on your current suppliers to determine where possible savings may apply. Our program is not tied to a specific supplier, offering a range of options for our restaurants. Additionally, RASI’s Vendor Spend Widget showcases the top GL spend per vendor and can drill down to the specific items to highlight vendor price fluctuations. Prices always update based on the most recent purchases, which means that operators can catch slow increases as they happen instead of catching them when the price has increased to the point that you are no longer breaking even based on menu pricing.

RASI’s widget reporting begins at the corporate level and drills further down into the unit and item level. This functionality allows multi-unit operators to set strategic goals based on median performance results. All reporting shows consolidated results and drills into the individual restaurant results and comparisons.

These rapid price fluctuations are one (of many) reasons why RASI recommends weekly submittals in order to receive weekly reporting to see real-time results. All of RASI’s inventory reporting is posted on a weekly basis once the weekly submittal is complete. Our Budget vs Actual widget updates as invoices are entered to show an operator’s current spend vs their budgeted spend. This widget contains drill-down reporting to view why fluctuations and differences exist and can be a powerful tool when it comes to proper spending habits.

RASI’s Menu Item Contribution report reviews the ideal price set when creating a recipe and compares it against the theoretical cost based on the most recent pricing. This report enables operators to view changes in purchasing due to price increases and decreases. Moreover, the reporting provides insight into what the purchasing changes do to your profit and loss against the ideal price set for that recipe. This insight allows operators to become proactive in updates including what product is purchased and from which vendor, and lastly, in menu pricing.

Absolutely! RASI offers free service demos so you can gain a better understanding of our entire suite of restaurant accounting services and how they may benefit your restaurant. In this demo, our local rep will work with you to better understand your business needs and goals, provide an overview of the services of interest, as well as a comprehensive look inside our restaurant accounting software. We strive to ensure all of our restaurants are partners from the get-go, with a mutual alignment of fit and business objectives!

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First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


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First year restaurant RASI client success rate



First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


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Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate

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