Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

View actionable insights with real-time data

Gain valuable insight into your operational performance without needing to become a Data Scientist, through our flexible widgets and exportable data. 

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Scope of Service

Improve your financial results with business intelligence and reporting.

Budgets & Analysis

Generate weekly declining budgets and forecasting tools using machine learning for increased accuracy​.

Workforce Intelligence

Manage labor, training dollars, and employee turnover across multiple units.

Supplier Intelligence

Easily track product price trending, manufacture deviations and contract compliance utilizing our Purchasing Programs.

Financial Intelligence

Make timely and accurate decisions through our Operational and Financial reviews, purpose built reporting and flexible widgets.

Restaurant Industry Trends

Find success through the analysis of industry data with valuable comparisons for individual brands.

Key Operational Benchmarks & Metrics

Identify areas of opportunity with RASI’s customizable KPI’s and financial reporting metrics to enhance proactive and educated business decisions​.

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According to data that covers all industries, businesses that collect analytics, derive insights and act on the information increase their profit by an average of 8 to 10 percent.


Operators have the opportunity to use their restaurant data analytics solution to analyze data in three primary areas:

  • Performance Data: Labor metrics, sales trends, employee performance
  • Food Service data: popular dishes, table turnover, order trends over time
  • Spending Data: Top purchases, price variability, purchasing rebate opportunities


When you gather all this information, you’re well positioned to start making improvements to your restaurant based on hard data. For example, you could create new specials based on your most popular ingredients while dropping items that rarely sell. Further, you could save labor cost by optimizing your staffing levels to meet your demand trends. Additionally, you could bring down food costs by leveraging purchasing rebate opportunities. These approaches are just the tip of the iceberg–data analytics for restaurants offers many opportunities for savvy operators to enhance their operations.

Benefits of RASI Education

Achieve success with fast, easy to read operational reporting on all facets of the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From our extensive restaurant interactions, we collated and answered the frequent questions and concerns of restaurant stakeholders like you.


Any operator who signs up with our Managed CFO/COO Services will have their budget generated on their behalf via RASI. Otherwise, we will work with you to create a budget that suits the needs of your restaurant. Moreover, RASI’s Budget v Actual Widget, part of our restaurant data analytics, assists operators to understand how they’re performing against their target goals. This restaurant predictive analytics allows restaurant owners to improve the precision of their budget while highlighting areas of opportunity!

All of RASI’s analytic reporting and restaurant business analytics tie directly back to our financial reporting! This includes user-friendly drill-down capabilities so operators can easily audit financial reports to understand from where key information derives.  


Additionally, any POS-specific data (for example, P-Mix, Sales, Inventory, and Menu Engineering) will also integrate directly into our analytical tools and financial reporting! 

Yes! RASI has comprehensive labor analysis tools for financial reporting as well as ROI reporting through data received via our POS integrations. No other restaurant business intelligence application puts you in the driver’s seat quite like RASI!

Yes! RASI’s best-in-class restaurant business analytics service areis  are what sets us apart from the competition! In addition to our industry experts that train and educate our clients on how to become financially accountable within their businesses, RASI has a vast library of Educational and Training resources. This includes best practices, guides, policies, walk-through videos, fun & informative podcast episodes and more! 

RASI also offers supplementary group training sessions after implementation and onboarding at no additional cost, and additional one-on-one training if requested per client as well (ancillary fees apply to additional one-on-one training sessions and are discussed beforehand). Restaurant data analytics on your terms – that’s how RASI works with all our clients…including you!

RASI’s Budget v Actual Widget assists operators to understand how they’re performing against their target goals. Utilizing a tool like a SLA Report (a Sales & Labor Analysis) helps provide you with key metrics to better understand what you’re currently doing in Sales and Labor compared to what you had forecasted in those areas (similar to a Budget vs Actual). This report not only shows what you’re doing well, but it also serves as a yellow highlighter on your areas of opportunity within proper forecasting. 


All in all, business intelligence in the food industry requires up-to-date info, along with actionable items to improve your restaurant operations – and that’s exactly what RASI’s restaurant analytics deliver! Forecasting and adjusting based on actual sales allow you to hit your budget goals continuously.

Yes! RASI provides Daily and Weekly submit day tasks (for key financial reporting items like Payroll, Sales, Inventory, and Sales) to aid in keeping your team focused on getting all accurate information submitted on time so the RASI team can focus on providing you with pertinent analytics for operational goals, tactics, and measurements!

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First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate



First year RASI client increase in NET Profit


Existing RASI clients opening new restaurants


Expanded RASI client rooftops


First year restaurant RASI client success rate

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