The Benefits Of Budgeting For Your Team

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If you’ve checked out our article on Merchandising Menu Items For Increased Profit, you know exactly how we feel about the team. Without the buy-in and continued support from your team members, you won’t have a process to improve, and you certainly won’t have any profits to take to the bank. The individuals that you picked to carry out your personal dream of starting a restaurant are the very same people, whom if taken advantage of, can turn that dream into a nightmare. Just remember that without them, there is no business. I don’t want to paint this grim picture to scare you, I simply want to stress the importance of your support system. You see, the beauty of this concept is that you hold the power to make sure that your team feels as supported by you, as you do them; which leads me to… shit rolls downhill.

Stick with me here – Everything starts with you, right? The dream, the concept, the selection of your team members, the execution of your vision… and the budget to pull it all off. There’s no way around it. If you do not budget properly, it will have a strong negative effect on every aspect mentioned above. You simply won’t be able to turn a profit without having specific goals and targeted costs, which makes for one extremely unhappy owner. You know the saying, “if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy?” This rings all too true in the restaurant industry; If owners aren’t happy then managers aren’t happy, and when managers aren’t happy then your team members sure aren’t happy either; I know you know what’s next but I’ll say it anyway – when you’re team members aren’t happy you have dissatisfied guests. I.E. Shit rolls downhill.

I’ve talked quite a bit about the negative impacts of budgeting improperly, so why don’t we flip the switch and talk about all the benefits that stem from a proper budget; maybe splash a little color onto the gray picture you’ve been staring at! If you read our last post on the importance of a budget in your restaurant, I stated that most people look at the word budget as limiting but I like to look at it as limitless. Through giving yourself specific monetary goals and target costs, you provide your business with possibilities of infinite growth. You give yourself the ability to make room for bonuses and raises when your team members are deserving. They see a clear path to promotions and upward mobility that can be reached through their continuous efforts to back your dream when they feel that you have their backs. Speaking of which, budgeting properly will ensure your payroll checks won’t bounce. I can’t really think of a better way to show that you have someone’s back than by paying them when you say you will… you know, the whole accountability thing. You hold your team accountable and they hold you accountable. You promise them that you will provide the tools that they need to be successful, and in turn, things run a little smoother because hey, you budgeted for it! You were proactive and made sure to give them a road to success which correlates directly to YOUR OWN success. Your dream isn’t so gray anymore is it? You’re living in color!