Why You Should Embrace Technology in Restaurants

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology for restaurants was already on the upswing. From tech-friendly POS systems to restaurant bookkeeping, many restaurants have adopted innovative technological tools, whether from customer-facing or internal accounting platforms.

Once the pandemic hit, those restaurants that were able to implement restaurant technology survived the economic downturn. Many eateries were forced to use new technology to assist with a more takeout-oriented business model. Others were able to cut costs and optimize revenue with agile, intuitive restaurant accounting software.

From so-called “contactless tech” (which encourages social distancing) to online order and self-checkout systems, it’s clear that restaurants, bars, food trucks, and similar service establishments simply can’t ignore these new technology trends. After all, during the height of the pandemic, at least 60% of all food orders were consumed off-premises.

RASI’s restaurant accounting software has always been ahead of the technology curve, and we’ve helped everyone from small, independent restaurants to nationwide franchises empower their own operations and make restaurant technology work for them. And we can help your restaurant ensure your accounting platform keeps profit, expenses, vendor management, and more in focus.

So which types of technology in restaurants are here to stay?

Restaurant employee looking at a tablet in the dining room.

Restaurant Technology Trends

Like many business trends, technology for restaurants is largely driven by demand. And this demand originates with how, when, and where your customers eat. To cite just one example, the online food delivery marketplace is nearly $200 billion per year – a figure unthinkable pre-pandemic, but now a regular aspect of modern life.


Here are just a few examples of how technology in restaurants has grown. Keep an eye on these restaurant technology trends for this year and beyond:

  • POS systems. Point-of-sale terminals are becoming more commonplace in every type of restaurant, especially fast-food establishments. But they’re also a regular part of revenue streams such as merchandise sales for other restaurants. This technology in restaurants isn’t going away, so it’s critical that you seamlessly integrate your POS and accounting systems. Once integrated with RASI’s accounting platform, for instance, you’ll enjoy assistance with everything from taxes & compliance to labor & sales management.
  • Employee management. Technology for restaurants isn’t just for customers. Smart, forward-thinking restaurants have embraced agile restaurant technology to run their operations more efficiently. And with RASI, you’re able to partner with HR-focused solutions for issues such as compliance around break periods, predictive scheduling, tip pooling and more.
  • Reservation systems. Despite the explosive growth in online orders and takeout, reservations are still an important part of most restaurants’ revenue. With streamlined technology in restaurants, such as workforce intelligence analytics, you’re better able to ensure you’re properly staffed to handle ultra-busy business cycles that require an efficient reservation system. In addition, waits that exceed 30-45 minutes can increase the likelihood of customers going to other restaurants.  Having a reservation system creates a better guest experience and convenience for the customer and increases sales for the restaurant.
  • 3rd party orders. 3rd parties come with a price for the restaurant. Verifying fees and having checks in balance to ensure proper fees are applied certifies that using these services remain profitable for the restaurant.
  • Safety, health & quality control. With enhanced safety and health protocols on everyone’s mind – including your customers – technology in restaurants can also be used to ensure health department compliance, proper equipment operation, safety & health measures, quality control and more.
  • Automated inventory tracking. Are you storing too much food? Is your supply chain working for or against you? Does your restaurant optimize all available storage space? If you can’t honestly answer these questions, it’s time to improve the technology for your restaurants with helpful food cost analysis, item level reporting, menu item velocity reporting, and the like. With RASI’s multi-unit inventory software, you’ll have an accurate picture of critical data to help you cut costs, increase revenue, and ultimately improve customer service!


Put RASI’s Business-Boosting Technology in Your Restaurant Today!

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