How a QSR Gained Tighter Controls on their Prime Costs with RASI

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RASI integrates with our POS so I can review my financials and relevant reporting rather than spend time on administrative work. Their polling tools save my team hours with payroll, sales reconciliation, and general daily accounting. Additionally, RASI’s reports generate automatically, allowing me to evaluate our sales data rather than create it.

As some background, before using RASI, our daily but necessary chores of running a restaurant were a pain. These tasks included manual spreadsheets for payroll, AP, inventory – everything! Plus, we were working off of monthly financials, which put us too far back to see what was happening in real-time.

Now, RASI integrates into everything we do! Because they run weekly financials, we have tighter controls over labor, food, and pour cost – all of our Prime Costs and everything that impacts our bottom line. I’m no longer building spreadsheets to get data about my business. With RASI, you receive valuable reports that tell you almost everything about how your business is performing in real-time.

If you’re looking to improve your restaurant through increased operational efficiencies, understand, and impact how your business is performing financially, RASI will help you get there!

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