How a QSR Restaurant Optimized Their Operations With RASI

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We had weekly financials before starting with RASI, but then they always had to be entered with multiple reports and tracking tools and which then had to be pieced together – the manual process was a time suck, waste of talent and money.  We usually had to wait for 3 weeks after the months end to get accurate financial reports. So to be able to have accurate and timely financials that we can trust is great!

The breakdown of weekly financial statements makes it possible for us to pinpoint focus on areas of opportunity we can directly impact our operations immediately. I rely on weekly financial reporting to create solutions for increasing profit. This allows me to be proactive instead of waiting to see how we did after the month is already over. From a developmental standpoint, RASI has been extremely educational, giving me a deep understanding of every aspect of managing a restaurant.

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