How an Independent Restaurant Developed Efficient Inventory and Scheduling With RASI

Charlie J
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This operation is the fourth restaurant I have been associated with that utilizes RASI. I cannot impress upon restaurateurs the invaluable nature of RASI. For the cost of a part-time bookkeeper, you receive profit and loss statements, food and pour costs percentages, labor, payroll, and all taxes paid and filed on time.

There is also help with menu engineering and cost of goods analysis; it really is the epitome of one-stop shopping with five-star service.

For a restaurant of any size, from small 40-seat houses to an establishment with 200 seats, RASI satisfies all your needs. The best thing is that as an owner/manager you can access reports, including sales, remotely at any time. I have sat on the beach in Maui and processed payroll and looked at the previous days sales. I wholeheartedly recommend RASI, it’s a godsend.

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