How an Independent Restaurant Financially Trained Their Team With RASI

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As a restaurant with 40 taps and very active craft beer program, we can end up with a significant keg inventory. With the help of the RASI team we developed a very efficient way to track how many kegs we have in house and proactively pursue credits for the returns.  At $30 per keg…this can add up quickly and we have a goal to keep a cap value of keg deposits on the books now.

Additionally, we saw the value of having weekly financials immediately.  It was odd getting used to having 13 (4) week periods, but in our first year of operation it has been extremely beneficial; Because we’re spending less time gathering and entering data we’re able to focus on our staff and customers.  We are able to measure our activities through profitability and certainly that is helping us bring more to the bottom line.

Finally, weekly payroll also helps to see your performance in a week over week perspective – in smaller segments.  We’re of course able to roll up the numbers and look at it in larger chunks, but the ability to see daily and weekly impacts on business through labor is key to cutting early and scheduling more efficiently. We have made modifications weekly to how we operate because of the reporting from RASI and we’ve seen a 4% increase in NOI since starting with RASI.


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