Eligible businesses can get a credit for certain Social Security and Medicare taxes (known as FICA taxes) that are paid on tips employees earn.

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Helping Restaurants Grow

Raising capital is critical for businesses to grow. Financing helps businesses manage cash flow, purchase new assets and inventory, and make improvements. Unfortunately, large banks decline ~75% of small business applicants, so qualifying for a bank loan can be difficult and it can take months to secure a loan.

Adesso can help you secure capital within 2–3 days. From term and merchant cash advance loans to SBA and equipment loans, Adesso will readily assist you to get that financing.

Financing Options

Term Loans

Funds are repaid over a fixed period

MCA Loans

Funds secured by future credit and charge card receivables

Lines of Credit

Ongoing access to funds up to credit limit

Equipment Loans

Funds to purchase equipment

SBA Loans

Term Loans secured by the federal government

How It Works

Step 1 Complete a short application.
This will include information required by all Adesso lending partners. Applying will not impact your credit score and there is no fee.
Step 2 Speak with a loan specialist.
Adesso will work with you to discuss your needs and review your financing options.
Step 3 Supply documents if needed.
Depending on loan size and type, selected lenders may require banking information, tax returns, or other financial data.
Step 4 Receive a no-obligation offer.
A credit decision is often available on the same day.
Step 5 Receive funds.
Proceeds will be deposited in your business bank account in as fast as 24 hours.


Easy ERCTM is a new program that uses the power of cash to help your business bounce back and return to full strength.

You may retroactively qualify for up to $26,000 per W-2 employee through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

Now you can get expedited filing for your ERC with the Easy ERCTM AND you can get your ERC cash within days with ERC Cash NowTM*

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We source high-quality lending products with competitive rates and no hidden fees.

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Our Loan Specialists have and average of 10 years experience.

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Preferred rates from Lending partners and funding often within 24 hours.

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