How Restaurants Can Hire Delivery Drivers Quickly & Safely During Covid-19

Author: Michelle Heller  |  Director of Product Marketing  |  Efficient Hire


Michelle Heller HeadshotAbout Michelle: Michelle is the strategic product marketing leader with B2B software, content marketing, branding, and new product launch. She passionately believes the Efficient Hire solution helps customers streamline recruiting, onboarding, and HR compliance – saving them time and money every step of the way.

Restaurants who hire drivers are experiencing unique challenges in these times. The need to hire up for delivery – and fast!

The challenge is how restaurants can hire quickly and hire safely at scale without putting human resources and the public at risk. As people practice social distancing to avoid contracting COVID-19, having the right technology is a must for faster and safer hiring practices. Short online applications, video interviewing, electronic onboarding and beyond is critical to enable fast, effective hiring.

How does your technology stack up? Eliminating physical paperwork has become more of a safety concern than ever, it’s important to have the tools to be able to collect all the necessary data electronically to satisfy job requirements and company hiring policies. Not ready to hire, yet? By being prepared now with the right technology, you can be ready to hire at scale when you’re getting ready to open your doors again.

Hire Quickly, Without Sacrificing Quality

Yes, time is of the essence, but employers can’t afford to sacrifice quality. Using simple screening questions, which a candidate can answer in the application, allows hiring managers to quickly make a determination on moving the applicant through to the next step.

Example: you’re hiring for drivers so you would need to know if a candidate has a valid driver’s license with the proper endorsements or if a special license is required for the position. Save time by automatically qualifying applicants right upfront.

Efficient Hire allows you to set up screening questions and filters, so the most qualified candidates are sorted to the top of the list.

Don’t Skip the Interview

Candidate interviews can be a dreaded task right now. Many employers are even skipping this step in the hiring process! With the right technology, you won’t have to put staff at-risk and can still properly interview applicants. By providing the ability to Video Interview your staff can continue hiring from an appropriate social distance.

To get you started, Efficient Hire is offering a 90-day free trial of our Video Interviewing tool, for a limited time. Ask us how you can take advantage! Candidates can record interviews from the safety of their home, or employers can conduct live two-way interviews with potential candidates, avoiding the face-to-face interview.

Onboard at Scale

Once you find your candidates, you need to get them onboarded quickly and efficiently. Electronic onboarding that is standardized and repeatable will help employers onboard a greater number of new hires during periods of growth and at scale.

The importance of eliminating paperwork doesn’t stop at the application stage. Your onboarding technology needs to be comprehensive enough to include your company policies, special forms, Federal and State tax forms, Form I-9 / E-Verify, Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening and processing, and more – which employees sign electronically.

Efficient Hire helps employers provide a consistent experience for hiring managers and new hires start off with a great experience, helping you keep them longer.

Manage Your Drivers

You need to collect MVR, Driver’s License, Insurance, and possibly vehicle information when you’re hiring for drivers. The demand for delivery is escalating right now, how are you protecting your team? The need for physically handling driver-related documents and ID’s can be eliminated with the right tools.

With Efficient Hire, you can collect all required driver information during onboarding and new hires upload copies of their documents and ID’s. If an MVR is required, you can choose from background screening services that are integrated with Efficient Hire or document the MVR information in the Electronic Employee File. To top it off, you can manage ongoing updates for critical driver documentation right through your portal.

Miniature red car on table

Manage ACA the Right Way

If you’re still using paper for your Benefits Policy or Employee Benefits Eligibility, you should review your technology. Efficient Hire’s ACA management tool automatically sends the Marketplace Notification and your company’s Benefit Policy to new hires during Onboarding.

Notify your employees electronically if/when they are eligible for Benefits and allow your employees to choose which plan they want to enroll in or decline coverage. Track your part-time and hourly employees to ensure a notification of eligibility is never missed.

If your restaurant hiring technology needs an upgrade, reach out for a free demo. Efficient Hire can get you set up in under 2 weeks and get you hiring faster than ever!

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