How a Multi-concept Operation Increased Their Profits With RASI

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I have been using RASI for over five years and am a huge fan.  As the owner of 9 multi-concept restaurants, I have found RASI to be an invaluable tool – the only way I’m able to do my job as COO is to use the tools, Reporting, Accounting and Financial Services and Support Team that RASI offers me.

Here is an example of RASI’s practical value. RASI has developed financial acumen and accountability in my team and they’ve helped me build the leadership in my organization. My team is stronger, better, and more focused due in large part to RASI’s ongoing education and support. RASI provides excellent developmental tools and training which gives me the time I need to oversee my company as a whole, instead of having to micromanage all of the day to day operational tasks.

Working with the RASI team I was able to identify unjustifiable food, labor, and operational costs that were dragging down profits. Within a few months, we went from marginal to profitable operations. RASI gives us all the information we need both timely and accurately which allows us to react quickly to changing sales and profitability. The data that RASI provided were real and irrefutable; therefore, the GM and KM immediately began to address the problems and begin the fixing process. As a result, the restaurant is performing better than ever, and profits are strong. Additionally, on the Elite plan, the collaborative approach with RASI’s accounting team has allowed us to cut down on our own accounting staff, which in has been a significant payroll savings.

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