How a Multi-concept Operation Increased Their NOI by 24.6% With RASI

RASI has helped us tremendously to turn things around. Their hospitality-specific software is an excellent analytics tool, allowing us to gauge performance in real-time and proactively make adjustments on areas of opportunity. Since signing on with RASI Pro Plan, our Food Cost has dropped by 5.29%, our Pour Cost by 1.2% and our Hourly Labor […]

How a Multi-concept Operation Lowered Their Prime Costs With RASI

We could not be happier with the tools that RASI has given us. Since fully implementing RASI systems into the fabric of our operations, we have been consistently decreasing our Prime Costs and have full knowledge of where to focus in order to increase our Gross Profit after Prime Cost percentage.  My team and I […]

How a Multi-concept Operation Increased Their Profits With RASI

I have been using RASI for over five years and am a huge fan.  As the owner of 9 multi-concept restaurants, I have found RASI to be an invaluable tool – the only way I’m able to do my job as COO is to use the tools, Reporting, Accounting and Financial Services and Support Team […]