How a Multi-concept Operation Lowered Their Prime Costs With RASI

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We could not be happier with the tools that RASI has given us. Since fully implementing RASI systems into the fabric of our operations, we have been consistently decreasing our Prime Costs and have full knowledge of where to focus in order to increase our Gross Profit after Prime Cost percentage.  My team and I now have the weekly financial reporting tools we need to identify where the restaurant can improve as a business.  We have changed from a business that was barely breaking even into a business with financial controls and reports that allow us to operate profitably every week.  Switching to RASI is one of the primary reasons our business is not only still open but also growing at a consistent average of 70% growth over last year’s sales.

The problem with running a profitable restaurant on a weekly basis is that as an owner you are constantly fighting to build the business, maintain quality control and look for ways to differentiate yourselves to remain competitive. Since we signed on with RASI Professional Services, we’ve started making significant progress on increasing our profitability. Every week my General Manager and I meet with a RASI Client Advisor, our new “CFO” and work on nailing down our food costs, labor costs, fixed costs, menu engineering and find ways to increase our profitability.

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